AFA Funding and Sponsors

Supporting The Atrial Fibrillation Association

The AFA would like to thank all our funders and sponsors for their continued support of the AFA work programme and look forward to working closely with them to improve the quality of life of people affected by Atrial Fibrillation.

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Calling all fundraisers

Could you raise awareness by holding a fundraising event or consider asking friends and family to donate to AFA as your birthday gift?

We have an exciting new Fundraising team ready to help! Contact Wendy at [email protected] for help, support or to find more!



1st Prize of £100 - R Day from Bedlington

2nd Prize of £75 - H Watson from the Isle of Man

3rd Prize of £50 - J Robinson from Droylsden

THANK YOU to all those who supported the first AFA raffle and made it such a great success!


How Knitting Can Save Lives

Atrial Fibrillation Association, working with its sister charity, Arrhythmia Alliance exhibited at the Shipston Wool Fair on Monday 30th May 2011.  Funds were raised by selling donated knitted garments and the smaller items were used to decorate the tables and stalls.

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Knitted Together!

There was no stopping Margaret Watts when she heard that AFA along with the Heart Rhythm Charity, Arrhythmia Alliance were recruiting knitters to help knit hearts for their new knitting initiative.

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RAF have their finger on the pulse

Sergeant Gerard ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan, aged 47, is a Logistics (Supplier) deployed with 901 Expeditionary Air Wing in the Middle East.

Sully's RAF Doctor, at his home base of RAF Halton, assessed him as having AF and supported him through a strategy to reduce the risk of strokes and minimise the symptoms.

In an effort to support the AFA ‘Know your Pulse’ campaign Sully and his fellow detachment personnel raised £450 to help the AFA promote public and medical awareness. Thank you Medic Sgt Goulden with Sgt O'Sullivan Sully and RAF Halton!!

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Winter Olympian skates for AFA

Debbie Palmer-Green took part in a 25km ice skate, as part of the Finland Ice Marathon. Thirty six year old Debbie, who suffers from Atrial Fibrillation, retired from her sport following the 2002 winter Olympics, largely due to the repeated symptoms she was experiencing through the then, undiagnosed arrhythmia. Debbie and a close friend, Vanda Tanner, took part in the marathon on Saturday 19th February in a place called Kuopio in Finland. Both are 'experienced' skaters but it was their first time attempting 25km rather than a 200 km skate!

"I completed the Finland Ice marathon on Saturday finishing 40km in 3hrs and 20mins. To say it was cold would be an understatement and when we were actually skating it was approx. -20c. The total raised will be just over £1000.

Having thought that it might only be possible to raise £200-£300 in the 6 weeks that we had, I am both surprised and pleased at how it went. Given the current climate people have been incredibly generous.

I am just glad to have been able to do this and hopefully it will go some way to helping out the AFA."

On receipt of this amazing news AFA would like to thank Debbie and Vanda for what they have both endured and achieved.  Despite the extreme cold, we hope you enjoyed the incredible challenge.  Thank you so much for enabling AFA to benefit from your challenge.  This is a huge amount of money to raise and as a result many, many people with or suspected of having AF will benefit.  Thank you!

Debbie had experienced symptoms of breathlessness and fatigue for many years, even when competing, but was not sure what it was, only that it was getting progressively worse. However, in 2010, following diagnosis, Debbie was given a pack full of informative and reassuring information, most of which was from AFA.

Prior to the event, Debbie explained, "I have chosen AFA as my charity. Since I was diagnosed with AF I have learnt how to live with the symptoms and deal with the AF episodes, and have been able to start getting back into my 'normal' recreational exercise habits. This marathon represents a big point for me in getting back some of my old fitness, and feeling healthy and happy again, and it is also an exciting challenge and experience.”

The Ice Marathon is a series of events which took place between February 16-19th 2011 in Kuopios, Finland amid beautiful lake scenery.

Half marathon challenge for Andrea

Forty five year old Andrea is training to take part in her first ever half marathon this March. Based in Hasting, Andrea will be running with her daughter who is also fundraising.

Andrea explains, ‘ I thought I would like to make a donation of my sponsor money to AFA. My husband was diagnosed with AF three years ago, it took a long time to sort things out for him but thankfully things became better following a second catheter ablation last February. Before then, we often struggled to explain this invisible condition, event to friends. When he was out of hospital he might look well but be too unwell to work, so some people often thought he was putting something on. We painfully discovered there is a lack of awareness about this condition, even though since, I have since come across people with AF, and they are often very pleased to find someone that understands their symptoms.’

Contact AFA if you would like to sponsor Andrea or send her a message of good luck!


Blazing a trail for AFA – Mark Millinson runs the Mablethorpe Marathon

A personal connection to AF led Mark Millinson to run the Mablethorpe Marathon, 26 miles of open country, fundraising for AFA.
The marathon was held on the same day as Patient’s Day at Heart Rhythm Congress(HRC). As previous attendees to this event, Mark and his wife Kirsten,were disappointed not to have been there, however their presence was felt and a strategically placed ‘Mark’s marathon’ fundraising bucket at Patient’s Day resulted in an additional £25.25, which will go towards Marks £1000 target.
If you would like to support the Mark and Kirsten and help them reach their target, you can either send your cheques to AFA or follow the link below to their Just Giving page; it is a quick, easy and secure way for you to pledge your support.
A big thank you to Mark and Kirtsten for their united support and in particular a BIG congratulations to Mark for successfully completing this arduous sporting event.


Thank you to recent Fund Raising supporters from AFA

August has been a busy month for AFA Fund Raisers; Sandra Harman lead the way on August 1st in the York 10K, completing the course in an amazing one hour one minute and raising £703.40 in sponsorship including a generous donation from her employers, Aviva. The company agreed to match her charitable fund raising to a total of £100.00!. Sandra, whose husband Martin developed Atrial Fibrillation after a knee operation, had never taken part in competitive racing before and spent several months regularly training and overcoming sprains and other injuries.
AFA is extremely grateful to Sandra and the money raised will go directly into funding awareness campaign resources for 2011.

Julia, along with family and friends, drew upon her personal skills and held two evening meetings offering an 'Introduction to Chinese Astrology'. Both evening were 'sell out' events and raised a wonderful total off £458. Julia was supported by friend and colleague, Lynne Ellis, who provided charts, booklets and her time during each event. Further information about similar meetings can be found on . Neighbour, Tracey, so enjoyed the evening and learning more about AF, having seen Julia's husband be effected by the symptoms of AF she has signed up to run a sponsored 10km race later in the year! Awareness, fund raising and further fund raising initiatives!!
Monies received from Julia's hard work will be used to support the AFA Helpline which receives calls from many thousands of people each year.

Both Sandra and Julia used the 'Just Giving' web based site to collect some of the donations and also received 'Gift Aid' declaration sheets from AFA so that the charity would be able to collect a tax refund on money collected from a UK tax payer.

To find out more about Fund Raising for AFA contact Wendy Adams at [email protected]

Damon discovered he had developed Atrial Fibrillation

Damon discovered he had developed Atrial Fibrillation when only thirty seven years of age. Shortly after contacting AFA he generously asked his friends and family to donate to AFA instead of buying him birthday gifts.
Damon's kindness raised a staggering £150.00 for AFA!
Read Damon's account of discovering he had AF


Teeing off at West Herts Golf Club raises Funds for AFA!

David Turner was elected Captain of West Herts Golf Club in March 2010 and nominated AFA as one of the charities for his year in office, having had a pacemaker fitted some 5 years previously.

The weekend of 10th/11th July is the flagship weekend and underpins support for all nominated charities. On the Saturday 10th, David supplied the food and beverage for the players as the fund raising ‘teed off’. During the course of the round, over £1000.00 was raised from the players – generosity indeed! Not stopping at this, during the evening’s Gala Dinner Dance a raffle was held, and in two cases, raffle prizes were offered for auction raising further funds. Members were also generous in offering prizes for the raffle and monies are still being collected and counted while David’s year in office still has another nine months to run!
AFA would like to thank David and all members who are so generously supporting AFA.


Fund raising Events:

Could you raise money for AFA? Just Walk could help.

Just Walk is an exciting sponsored UK charity walk for anyone wanting to fundraise for the charity of their choice. This fundraising walk is open to charities and anyone who is keen to get their walking boots on and hike for charity a - you can choose either 10km, 20km, 40km or 60km routes - so something for everybody. This charity walk offers enthusiastic walkers the chance to experience a breathtaking charity walk over the picturesque South Downs in West Sussex and generate funds for their chosen charity.